Monday, April 6, 2009

All my kids...even the furry one :-)

My two girlies...Morgan is 14, Ashley is 17. This was taken Saturday before prom.
Nicholas, 3 1/2, Sophie 7 months...enjoying the sun and fresh mowed grass :-)

Another, Nicholas and Sophie...they are buds.

Just relaxin' in the sun...both are a handful of energy...put em together and you've got kidding!


Leah S said...

The last picture reminds me of my brother and dog. I was 11 when we got Missy, so my brother was 6. Outside of the house, they didn't seem to be strongly affectionate. Inside? Whew! It might as well be the Indy500 with how they chased and played with each other. :)

Like any dog, Missy had her not-so-good moments. Including the time we found a lamp cord chewed in half. I was extremely grateful to discover that it wasn't plugged! Either somebody else had already unplugged it, or she did by pulling it out of the wall before chewing it into two. Could have so easily been zapped.

Or the time Missy and Holly (family dog) got out when Missy was about 12 weeks old, and she fell into a swimming pool! The owners saw, but Holly got so upset at them, they couldn't get Missy out. They ended up calling the police, and while I was biking around Holly heard me calling her and found me. I dropped her off at home, went back to the same place and saw a soppy wet Missy being led into a police car! I was able to rescue her with no extra hassles. :)

But the bad moments fade, and by the time Missy died, we were all willing to put up with a little extra hassle just to have her back again.

Sharon said...

OMG Tracey, I don't know if you remember me but this is Sharon in TN. I cannot believe how big Nicholas is, it just blows my mind. Your girls are lovely. Nice to meet your family