Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weekend is here

Even though I am home during the week I still love the weekend. Saturday morning is my "sleep in" day, and I look forward to it all week. Sunday is Patricks turn. Today we went to Woodland to watch Morgans soccer game, she's doing really well but hurt her leg badly today :-( Poor girl. Motrin and ice seem to be helping a bit. Those girls are rough! amazing.
Ashley is doing better today too, Praise the Lord for that. The power of prayer is awesome. God is good. Times like this really open your eyes and teach us to trust in Him even more. Sometimes the want to control things ourselves take over and stress begins.
Tomorrow we are trying a new church and then I'm home to sew..I have not sewn since I cleaned my area up. I'm just itching to sit and stitch for a few hours. May do some handsewing tonight while watching tv with Patrick. Keeps my hands busy and away from the snacks.

Blessings to all my friends and family!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sunny today but still feels like it's pouring rain :-(

Not much good news to report today. Our family has been in chaos for the past couple months and yesterday was the turning point....all I can say is Please Pray for Us!! Especially my oldest daughter Ashley...she really needs it.

Well lets see if this sunshine today can turn my mood around... Was supposed to have coffee with my friend Jill, but instead I'll be visiting Ashley's school etc.

Blessings...and remember God is always faithful and gets us through our trying times...these trying times are what bring us closer to Him.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Still Raining :-(

Looks like we're in for a dreary week..not just day :-(
The movie was cute..He's Just Not That into You..sweet ending. The girls liked it too...Patrick said it was OK. More of a chic flic I guess. But Sunday is family day and we must spread the fun for all ages...Nicholas stayed with a sitter today though, he's just not into movies at the theatre yet.
Can't wait for Tuesday, My friend Jill is coming over..for some show n tell, gotta show her my tidy sewing area and my neatly arranged and organized bins..woohoo. Planning to make a puff pancake and morning as Nicholas will be at school. Love that school!!! By the way..he is doing very well in school, much better at following instructions too.

Good night to all...blessings

Rain Rain Go Away ~

Another rainy dreary day here in Northern California. Well at least we won't suffer from a water shortage this summer, at least I can't see how we could, it's pouring rain, gutters are overflowing with water, grass is flooded in the back.
Today we found a sitter for Nicholas so Patrick, Me and the girls can go to a movie together...and...actually enjoy the movie HAHA. What a blessing to have two teenage daughters that have friends that babysit :-)
My sewing bins are so pretty! They are all tidy and organized on my shelves in the garage with room to grow even LOL My sewing room is now just my sewing cabinet with the more clutter. I have grown to despise clutter, makes it terribly hard to clean and makes no sense to have tons of crap around. Less is better I have discovered. Plus it makes the house feel so much bigger.
Time to clean the kitchen, hang up some laundry and clean the downstairs bathroom before we head to the movie.

Blessings to all...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What a feeling!!

Finally was able to finish the huge task of organizing my quilting/sewing fabrics and supplies. Feels wonderful. Looks great too. Now to swap the dining room with the sewing area..that's a task for Patrick HA!! Not sure he'll dig the idea but we shall see...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another unproductive week :-(

Sunday nights I go to bed with visions of getting things done throughout the week...never happens. I tore apart my sewing area to only have a bigger mess and no where to put all this junk. Today I was just overwhelmed with it all and didn't even step foot in there, I'm sure Patrick will be overjoyed with the never ending mess in there...mind you for those that don't does not have a door, it is a little area off the family room that is designed to be the formal dining room.

Anyhow...I did get to go through about 20 magazines to give to a friend..only about 120 more to go HA!

My hobby has become an obsession and I don't like it anymore...I don't, I don't, I don't...time to scale back so this feeling of being overwhelmed with it will be in the past...

Okay enough venting on one subject.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mini Shop Hop with Alex Anderson

Yesterday my friend Jill and I went on a mini shop hop. We visited 3 shops, 2 of which I had never been to, they were all great! First was Main Street Quilts in Martinez, CA, then Thimblecreek in Concord, CA, and the last was The Cotton Patch in Lafayette, CA..this is where we were able to hear and see Alex Anderson talk about her quilting past and present. She had many beautiful quilts with fun stories for each, she's a very nice lady! It was just such a perfect day. Patrick kept Nicholas and they had a great time together. The girls of course went to the mall...whatelse is there to do on a saturday afternoon??? haha...
This is a cherry apron panel, it was so cute all made up! Can't wait to get it done :-)

Dinosaur quilt kit for Nicholas of course. It's just adorable in person, the colors are to die for.

Patrick gave me a beautiful tower of fq's for Christmas and I lucked out yesterday to find the fabrics made up in this beautiful quilt pattern at one of the shops. So..I bought the pattern :-)

Signed by "Alex Anderson"...what an awesome lady. So real and genuine, not what you'd think. Be sure to check out her new internet show with Ricky Timms...sounds great!

Jill introduced me to these "thimble it's" and they work wonderfully, used it this morning and not a pin prick or sore to finger to be had the rest of the day :-) Also some needles and two- 1/2 yard cuts of a wonderfully soft woven. Tea towels in my future :-)

Just too cute to pass up! Both Jill and I have this thing for Cherries right now...they're just so cute! I I needed more fq's..but these are very cute! LOL

MMMM....this brown and pink is so yummy! I had to have it. Reminds me of chocolate. 3 1/2 yards total so I can come up with something nice. Might even add a solid shimmer of brown.

Another "have to have" haha...valentine post card kit. Makes a bunch of cards, I've been wanting to try this and what better way to have a kit all ready :-) Gotta love those kits.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Being a mom and Being

Started Sunday with flu like symptoms and woke up in the middle of the night sick :-( Morning came and I thought I was okay..well it hit me hard later in the morning and I spent the day in bed. Ashley stayed home and watched Nicholas for me as Patrick had already left for the city. Gosh I hate not having family here to help us out during these times. While laying in bed with my door locked I could hear my baby crying for me, no sissy was not what he wanted, he wanted mommy. The feeling of guilt that he didn't understand I was sick, I mean he knows what "sick" is, but he always thinks if you're "sick" you're going to die like our puppy Tucker did :-( My poor little guy. I think I will get some kid level books on death, and sickness. Sissy tried her best for hours to occupy him, finally he was exhausted but would not sleep for her so I was trying to come downstairs to rock him..I know he's 3 and should be able to just lay down and sleep on his own but that's our fault as we have always rocked him..anyhow I couldn't do it, instant nausea so Ashley took him for a ride and he was out..slept for 3 hours! Of course he was up at 445 yesterday morning. So I slept for 3 hours and woke feeling a bit better. This morning I hurt all over, Nicholas is at preschool so I am going to sit and watch tv for a while and work on some yoyo's. The house is a disaster but who cares right?? Doesn't seem to bother anyone else but me so why should it bother me? because I'm the mom! right?! Anyhow you don't realize just how much your family needs you until a time like this :-) Gosh I love my family...a true blessing, each and every one of them!!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cherry Tablerunner for Mom

This is a tablerunner I just finished for Mom for Valentine's Day :-) It was so much fun, I love all the Mary Englebreit fabrics. This line is a "recipe for friendship". The cherries were made from yo-yo's, the leaves are 3D with grossgrain ribbon for the vines. Left the center open so she could have her centerpiece or whatever in the middle. Sure hope she likes it.


What an ending?!!!! wow. Patrick was on the edge of his seat at the end there, this is "his" team :-) 6 superbowl wins, amazing team.