Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Being a mom and Being sick..sucks

Started Sunday with flu like symptoms and woke up in the middle of the night sick :-( Morning came and I thought I was okay..well it hit me hard later in the morning and I spent the day in bed. Ashley stayed home and watched Nicholas for me as Patrick had already left for the city. Gosh I hate not having family here to help us out during these times. While laying in bed with my door locked I could hear my baby crying for me, no sissy was not what he wanted, he wanted mommy. The feeling of guilt that he didn't understand I was sick, I mean he knows what "sick" is, but he always thinks if you're "sick" you're going to die like our puppy Tucker did :-( My poor little guy. I think I will get some kid level books on death, and sickness. Sissy tried her best for hours to occupy him, finally he was exhausted but would not sleep for her so I was trying to come downstairs to rock him..I know he's 3 and should be able to just lay down and sleep on his own but that's our fault as we have always rocked him..anyhow I couldn't do it, instant nausea so Ashley took him for a ride and he was out..slept for 3 hours! Of course he was up at 445 yesterday morning. So I slept for 3 hours and woke feeling a bit better. This morning I hurt all over, Nicholas is at preschool so I am going to sit and watch tv for a while and work on some yoyo's. The house is a disaster but who cares right?? Doesn't seem to bother anyone else but me so why should it bother me? because I'm the mom! right?! Anyhow you don't realize just how much your family needs you until a time like this :-) Gosh I love my family...a true blessing, each and every one of them!!


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