Sunday, February 22, 2009

Still Raining :-(

Looks like we're in for a dreary week..not just day :-(
The movie was cute..He's Just Not That into You..sweet ending. The girls liked it too...Patrick said it was OK. More of a chic flic I guess. But Sunday is family day and we must spread the fun for all ages...Nicholas stayed with a sitter today though, he's just not into movies at the theatre yet.
Can't wait for Tuesday, My friend Jill is coming over..for some show n tell, gotta show her my tidy sewing area and my neatly arranged and organized bins..woohoo. Planning to make a puff pancake and morning as Nicholas will be at school. Love that school!!! By the way..he is doing very well in school, much better at following instructions too.

Good night to all...blessings

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