Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another unproductive week :-(

Sunday nights I go to bed with visions of getting things done throughout the week...never happens. I tore apart my sewing area to only have a bigger mess and no where to put all this junk. Today I was just overwhelmed with it all and didn't even step foot in there, I'm sure Patrick will be overjoyed with the never ending mess in there...mind you for those that don't does not have a door, it is a little area off the family room that is designed to be the formal dining room.

Anyhow...I did get to go through about 20 magazines to give to a friend..only about 120 more to go HA!

My hobby has become an obsession and I don't like it anymore...I don't, I don't, I don't...time to scale back so this feeling of being overwhelmed with it will be in the past...

Okay enough venting on one subject.



Kim said...

could be worse, you could have to pack it all and move it. Now is the purge time for me.

Cathy ~o said...

or even worse, you could have had to pack it up and move it 4 times in 3 years..LOL
I don't envy you Kim, the 1st time is always the worse after living someplace forever!
I now have it down to a science, although I still hate doing it. VERY glad my sewing room is going to be downstairs behind locked doors and away from the main home now :-)
Tracey, just do a little at a time and soon it will be the way you want it to be. May seem like you will never get done, but you will :-)

Tracey said...

I used to love moving when we were in the military for the very reason of purging junk...always a refreshing feeling..but not fun.