Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quilting news

Tonight I pin basted 2 tablerunners and a valentine wallhanging. Both ready for quilting now, just a simple stitch in the ditch. However, I'm out of white thread :-( Can't believe how much thread I go through. Luckily I still have a coupon for Joann Fabrics, will head there in the morning. Binding is ready for each, it'll give me a nice evening hand project.
Tomorrow night (thursday) I have a quilt class, it's more of a group of ladies getting together to sew a certain pattern with a jelly roll...gotta love those jelly rolls :-) I sure do!

Will post some photos of finished projects by the weekend (hopefully)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

On Motherhood

This is just too funny. Was browsing through some photos when I came across this one. Nicholas on his "red" trike and behind you'll see Ashley's "red" do I have two totally opposite ends of the spectrum or what?? To see them progress from the trike to the car certainly makes you realize just how short of a time period they are young. Ashley goes off to college next fall and that just does not seem possible. Lately I have had the itch for another little baby...but then I think I'm almost to the point where Nicholas will be in kindergarten and I can have some of my life back, is that selfish? nahhh...Plus in today's economy and college to pay for it's just not the responsible thing to do.

Monday, January 12, 2009

bread recipe anyone?

I would love to learn to cook bread from scratch, anyone reading have a good homemade recipe? Not for the bread machine though...I have a breadmaker and while it makes good bread there's nothing quite like "homemade".
Just finished my monday morning housework, nicholas is playing's nice and warm..with a good wind going though. Back door is open to air out the stale smell from inside.
Off to shower shortly and head to the quilt shop, can you believe I'm short a 12" 2 3/4" wide strip of fabric to complete my blocks :-( Sure hope they still have this fabric.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Making napkins today :-)

Going to make an attempt at being a little more green :-) Even planning on using what I have as far as fabrics go. Save $$'s, trees and the landfills a bit. I know they need to be washed but hey I wash a load of towels every other day so it will not make a difference. I'll post photos later.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Okay...seriously ...would you cook in your crockpot 365 days of the year? Yes, I like my crockpot and it makes for a nice simple meal but don't know if I could do this. Maybe once a week. Anyhow Kim sent out the link to this gals blog who actually did this as a new years resolution for 2008, I have added her link to the bottom of my blog lists. Feel free to take a peek, very interesting. I would have never thought of making punch or desserts etc in my crockpot. And did you know there is a gadget that has 3 individual crockpots? wow.. The one nice thing is dinner is done when it's time to eat. I will definately be browsing some of her recipes. Thanks for sharing the link Kim!


Went and signed up for a class today at the local quilt shop. I know I could just do these quilts at home without paying for a class but 1/2 the fun is chatting with others who share your interest and love of quilting. A dear friend of mine will be taking it as well, yeah! and supper is next friday night. The two owners bake a fabulous meal with dessert and then at 10 they bring in starbucks...7 hours of sewing and fellowship, I love this night, generally do it a few times a year. One of my goals this year is to have one of these nights or days at my home, potluck style or appetizers, drinks..what fun!
The new BOM starts in February and I was lucky enough to get a spot this year, I lost out last year as I was too late to sign up :-( Ah well..this years theme is hearts with a space to write in inspirations, I chose the red/white/black color theme. Aren't those colors always so stunning?!!
Gotta run make lunch for Nicholas, Ashley and I before taking Ashley to the dr this afternoon, she's has a really severe sore throat for a few days and fever spiked up at 102 last night, low grade this morning.
Blessings to all...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A few things done on my list :-)

yeah!! I'm finally feeling up to par and have all my energy back..I think plus some. Took Sophie on a long walk this morning, did some sewing (it is tuesday morning), took Nick to preschool, ran and got necessities like laundry soap and such. I have highlighted and changed the text color of things done..

Saturday, January 3, 2009

LIfe is almost back to normal

I'm feeling better, however, still not at 100% :-( This bug got a hold and doesn't want to let go.
The kids go back to school on Monday, Nicholas goes back to preschool Tuesday so things should be getting back to normal. Can't wait to get caught up on the housework and meal planning. Anyone have a good recipe for hamburger or boneless chicken you wanna share? I get tired of cooking the same dinners, always looking for something that is a sure hit with a family. Tonight I made pancakes, it was late and they sounded good! By golly Patrick even thought it sounded good..yah! So added some fruit and we were good to go. Not to mention clean up was a breeze! gotta love that. Think I might head into the sewing area and work on a couple of table runners, almost done with the 2nd one, then to baste and quilt them.

Oh yeah....I got a new Dyson vacuum today!! I'm very excited...even though I hate's purple :-) Maybe that will add to the fun of cleaning...hmmm or not.

Blessings and love to all

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sick, sick, sick

Tired of being sick :-( Tomorrow I plan to wake up well..yah. Anyone ever taken the cough syrup with codeine? UGH!! is all I can say. Tomorrow marks the beginning of week 3 since this nasty sickness began. Tomorrow will be a good day!! Tomorrow is the last day of antibiotics too. Supposed to be mid 50's so maybe that will lift my spirit and I can take a walk with Nicholas and Sophina Mina
Good night

New Years 2009 Mystery Quilt!

Here is the finished product (well it still needs borders). It was a fun, simple quilt...may even make another :-)
After thinking back this is the 5th year I have participated. Certainly a tradition now, even Patrick begins asking me about it early december, what a guy!

Not sure what lucky person will receive this one....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years!

Happy New Years! Hope everyone had a safe and fun time last night :-) Patrick, Nicholas and I were all in bed by 10..this darn sick stuff has me down early. The girls were both gone overnight. My house is a crazy mess, with Christmas and being sick I am so far behind but you know I'm not stressing. Life is too short to stress over housework..agree?! :-) Anyhow, sewing is more fun! Take a look at our front room yesterday afternoon..this was after about 6 hours of me sewing and Nicholas doing what he wanted..he is a mess maker!!