Saturday, May 9, 2009

What's up & Cell Phone wallets & Prayer request

Life has been crazy to say the least. Ashley graduates in less than a month and we've been busy trying to prepare for that. Many family members will be coming down to celebrate with her and we're all excited for the visit. Nicholas has just a couple more weeks of preschool left and then he's out for the summer. He is signed up for 4 weeks of swim classes and a friday morning preschool class called "circle, story, art time"..that should be fun for him and a break for dear old mom. Morgan is finally feeling better, her poor shoulder was injured back in February and she's just now heeling, praise the Lord she's feeling better. She still has to wait until mid June to be released back to sports.

I have been having fun sewing. I found the cutest pattern for cell phone bags and have gotten carried away with them. Above is a photo of some of them. They are sooo simple, it's a pattern from "quiltsmart". I figure they will make perfect gifts for friends and family, just enclose a little gift card and they have a ready made shopping trip, wallet and all :-) They have a long strap to wear across your chest for handsfree shopping. I plan on using one when I take Nicholas and Sophie to the park or on a walk etc, grab my ID, cell phone and house key and we're ready. One of them you will notice is made into a wristlet.
There is a family in need of prayer...if you feel it in your heart to pray for them their names are John and Danah Jewitt and their little guy Jayden. They recently lost their 5 year old to cancer and then just months later lost their newborn son as well. God Bless them!! This family is a true inspiration of how God works and the Faith that they still have is unbelievable.
Good Night!

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