Friday, July 10, 2009

Exciting life of the Carr family....

Well, Ashley quite possibly has the H1N1 flu virus :-( She has been spending time with her best friends family who have been sick and recently found out that a girl their youngest daughter had gone to church camp with tested positive for the virus..ugh. So Ashley was cultured this morning at the dr and home and quarantined to her bedroom. Fever, aches, headache, cough, etc etc. While I have a good feeling that it isn't, ya just never know. All we can do is pray that she recovers quickly and no one else in the family gets it. We are staying home this weekend to see how this plays out. I am feeling achey right now and sorta blah but no fever and no cough.

On the good side of this , having to stick close to home, I get to SEW!! yah!!! Bought a new pattern for a purse yesterday, fabric too with a gift card my hubby gave me for mothers day, was waiting for fabric that really caught my eye and I love the new fabrics out at the quilt shop.

Tonight is a simple cobb salad for dinner. Think I might lay down for a little bit with some motrin and see if I can get rid of this achiness...wish me luck :-)


Jeremy Phillips said...

Ugh, that really sucks! I'll ship you down some flu masks if you want, just let me know. You're all in our prayers.

Tracey said...

patrick got masks at walgreens last night. Ashley is quarantined to her room...and the downstairs bathroom is off limits to all of us..she's the only one using and it's been cleaned twice already today...ugh! Thanks for the's a scary thing. We'll find out monday if it is swine or not.