Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June already

What a month this has been! Still recuperating from family visit for Ashley's high school graduation. At one point we had 13 people sleeping in our little 2,000 sq foot home...no kidding, we were all packed in like sardines...3 per room, the living room, dining room....can you imagine? while it was wonderful to see our families, can't say that I could do that again :-( We have been left with a bad toilet, plumber is coming out today. (138.00 minimum) Puppy was hurt on the leg somehow (288.00 emergency visit) Food (500+.00) Party...(200+.00)...time with family was priceless though. I may sound like I'm complaining....I hope you all don't think so. While we all love family it is nice to have our own homes.
Ashley is signing up for college classes today..yeah! 14 credits...full time. We are sooo proud of her. She has really grown up this past month. She will be 18 on friday. I still remember the day she was born like it was yesterday...sigh....
It's a bit cloudy this afternoon, the weather has been really strange for northern california, not much above 80, normally it's in the high 90's - 100. Not complaining here...I love the cooler weather.
I'm sitting out front on my porch while Nicholas is riding his little bike around, he's really whipping on that thing now, maybe time to take off the training wheels. Can't believe he will be 4 this month :-( Where has the time gone.
I will post some photos of the graduation this evening. Think I'm going to sew for a bit while I wait for the plumber.


Jeremy Phillips said...

It was nice to be there but you're right about it being cramped at times. :)

Tracey said...

What I feel bad about is that mom said she was stressed while she was here?? and Tamey said she won't stay here like that again?? we did our best to ensure a good time for all....ah well, can't please everyone. Love ya