Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday already...where has the week gone??

Had a lovely morning visiting with a friend and her children and her new little rottweiler puppy "nala". What a cutie!!

Tomorrow we bring our little one home, can't wait. I "think" we have a mutually agreed upon name...I will post it this afternoon after talking to one more daughter ....It is cute, sweet and seems like a good choice for a female golden.

Plan to make some cupcakes this afternoon, that's the plan anyhow. Tomorrow is the "tickled pink event" a breast cancer sewing marathon...well they aren't actually calling it a marathon but since it's 12 hours of sewing I think that's appropriate. I have my pink pj's, pink candy, pink fabrics and ready to go!! It takes place at the Hampton Inn here in town, catered dinner from Outback Steakhouse, prizes, bingo, raffles, lots of sewing and a "double" mystery...meaning I don't even know what fabric I"ll be's a kit.

I'll post photos of puppy and the event saturday evening or sunday...

Time for Nicholas's nap and my lunch...

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