Wednesday, October 8, 2008

wonderful trip to Seattle

It was an awesome time for Nicholas and I. My nieces and nephew are getting so big and so full of happiness. I don't think I've seen kids that happy and content in a long time :-) Kudos to Jeremy and Holly for a job well done.

It was so nice to get back to my sewing machine! I missed her HAHA.... Finished a Christmas gift for my sisters boyfriend Tuesday and then last night/this morning made another Deli Lunch Tote. It's sooo cute...I used the line of fabric from the uterine cancer line. All torquoise with flowers and dragonflies. Decided I wanted to make my two nieces purses for Christmas so chose some really cute fabric for those, will get started when Nicholas naps today.

All is well here....daily chores almost done. Nicholas is thrilled to be home, I think he missed his toys. I sure missed my girls and Patrick, was so nice to see them. I really believe time away from loved ones brings you back much more appreciative of them :-)

oh and did I mention in drizzled and was dreary the entire time we were in Seattle!! I think the sun may have peeked out once :-(

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