Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Long day....

...and I'm exhausted. Been transitioning Nicholas into his own big boy bed, which he's doing really well..but....yesterday he had a 3 hour nap!! No not my doings, I left at 530 and Patrick let him sleep til 7 :-( So at 9 when I took him to bed he just wasn't tired. It was midnight before he was asleep and even then he wokeup shortly after that to use the potty. At 1:30 I gave up and took him to my bed, I had to have some sleep!
Our new furniture arrived yesterday..oohhh it's beautiful. All La-z-boy and I love it! Now to teach Nicholas the new "rules" for eating in there...hmmm, another challenging time ahead.
Morgan was kind enough to give Nicholas a bath tonight, of course he's not behaving so I gotta run.


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