Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday night

Wow...I guess at 40 something you just don't get into a saturday night anymore :-( It's only 8:50 and I'm in my pj's and ready for bed. I remember when I'd stay up all night or at least til 2 or 3, not anymore. I do love my bed :-)

Nicholas is now a certified big boy. He is sleeping in his new full size big boy bed all by himself with undies! no more pullups or diapers for this kid. He is very proud of himself as is mommy and daddy :-) Today we all went (even Ashley and Morgan, which they are hardly ever with us anymore, part of having teens is getting used to the fact that they have a life of their own, has been hard on this mom!) to the movies and saw "Madagascar 2", it was very cute. Nicholas did awesome, first time he's been in about 6 months and I must say he's ready for kid friendly movies once in a while now, yeah!

I am going Christmas shopping for the girls teens are hard to shop for :-( Nicholas is done, he was so simple...some cars, trucks, blocks etc, he'll be a happy camper..oh yeah I got him the cutest "car's" scooter, it's a 3 wheel instead of 2 wheel. Cute cute.

Bye for now....

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